I dropped an NFT collection

For those of you who don’t know, NFTs are the new buzz, originally from the gaming space, NFTs are revolutionising the way we consume art and the freedom of the artist.

So far, the biggest sellers have been graphic arts and NFTs backed by big names.

I’m not a big name and I’m not a graphic artist. But I am an artist and in this decentralised blockchain universe, there are no rules

If you want to create your own collection I highly recommend Opensea. It gives the option of minting on the polygon network, that means you can create your own NFT without the high gas fees associated with Etherum.

Here are the links to the pieces of my collection. They are all super cheap, my song for example is $0.97.

Own your first NFT today, dare to be different. Graphic art NFTs are already so yesterday 😂

Stay stunned to this space, I’ll drop a movie NFT soon.

Music NFT


Poetry NFT


Original design for the lead character in my children’s book series – Sidi


View entire collection on Open sea. Favourite and buy if you can 🙏🏽

Plug your NFTs in the comments 👇🏽

You shame yourself

Do you not see that you mock yourself when you mock me

Do you not see than every shame put on my name is a shame to you

Do you not see that in breaking me you destroy yourself?

I wait on you and hope, is my faith in vain?

How much longer would you fold your arms and watch one side win?

I thought you were impartial, I thought you operated by laws and rules… where are your rules now? What is the value of your word?

You promise and act like things are above your control, maybe they are

Take your throne, cease control, remember who you are

King of justice, conquering lion

Smite those who look at your face and laugh, who say your words are meaningless and your honour a useless endeavour

Fools laugh and say there is no God, today we eat and make merry, life is only about enjoyment, being comfortable.

They wish death on children and mock the honest man

They hate people for being spirituality and materially poor

They blame others for their pain and refuse to look at themselves

They disregard the love of others and treat innocence with scorn

Rise up and act, your word is your bond, who are you but a principle.

Be quick and move

For every moment you keep silent, for every time I am shamed, you shame yourself

Life in darkness

Darkness can be a good thing, is a good thing. It only becomes broken when it gets to man.

Darkness permeates all things, it is all things, it is the strength, the canvas, the mud

It is only in darkness that the light can find life, without darkness the light has no breath

Darkness was created to be experienced not expressed. Darkness exits, it is light that is created

Darkness carries the vibrations of the word, and the word is God

If darkness carries God, is it not God?

Darkness is not easy so it gets a bad rep, a bad name for being too tough, too rough

All darkness needs is love, love that does not seek to change, only experience.

With darkness what you see is what you get.

Love given is returned 7 times 7

Lost in space

I’m tired of screaming, tired of waiting to be heard. I know that the word of God does not go out and come back empty, is this the word concerning my life? Sometimes I pray for my gifts to be taken as they are of no use, money makes the world go round.

Of what use am I if my legs have been cut off, I cannot speak because money gives value to words on earth, my words have no value, I am like a child cast away

I do not die, I have failed to die, grace and mercy are my only hope. You have to help me, you have to save me, I need money, I know you can because I see you do it for others. I don’t want to have to give up the spirit, I know you can create something new in me, please help me, I need freedom, I need to start living and stop existing.

Blessed May

Do you feel in it in the air? Congratulations to all of us. 5 is the mother’s essence, of grace and mercy… we are experiencing strong vibrations that are perceptible to the human ear.

For the past week I have been feeling my ears buzzing, new codes, new light

Tomorrow we celebrate the birth of the chosen, it’s not random 7 and 5 give us 12.

At this time the muslims are fasting for the purification of humanity, I have always sensed the depth of the role of Islam in this great event

I employ you to join in giving thanks for all our blessings, more than ever, go within, connect to the God within 🙏🏽

I wish you love and light


Am I allowed to be here?

A graveyard that stretches as far as the eyes can see

Webbed cocoons incubate light

The mother sends to each what it needs

In this world thoughts and feelings are frequencies

Like a cancer the darkness spreads

The cocoons turn red

The darkness, a puppet master

All who sleep remain asleep

Like water the light spreads

Waves washing over the hearts of those who sleep

For thousands of years all has remained the same

Tears fall as I wonder if it would ever change

She tells me nothing will ever be the same

She dances to the tune of my heart’s desire

Her frequencies play a song

The song of my soul

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